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NBI™ Job Skills Instrument

The NBI Job profile is a descriptive, non-judgmental assessment with no profile being superior to the other. The NBI Job profile identifies the strengths of the skills needed in every quadrant to do a specific job well. The profile report focuses on the specific quadrant scores and makes recommendations based on these scores.

Looking at the job description, this instrument can therefore be used to design a profile for a specific job. This profile will indicate which elements of the whole brain are required to do this job optimally.

Areas of Application

  • Design your ideal job.

  • Appoint the right (skilled) person for the job.

  • Apply a multi-skilling approach within the work place.

  • Choose high impact teams with whole brain skills.

  • Apply teaching/training skills effectively

  • Determine special skills (dealing with people, organising, etc) to enhance specialisation.

  • When compared with the skills profile, discover why an individual can DO a job without having any passion for it (no alignment between preferences and skills)

Case Study - At work with Mary
Mary is in senior management in the Human Resources Department of a middle size company. She is a hard worker, likes to get things done and is efficient in her job. However, she hates to repeat herself to her team and gets easily irritated if she has to explain in detail how the job is to be done. Mary is friendly, but it is obvious that she doesn't have a great desire to socialize with colleagues or friends. She only goes to functions if she has to, and when she attends she feels under pressure to do so.

Question: What kind of problems do you think the team will experience at work with Mary, and how will you solve it?
Do you think Mary's job is a good fit for her? What would you recommend she does, if she is considering a possible career change?

>>> View NBI Job Skills Instrument Sample Report


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