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Get Certified - Become A Whole Brain Practitioner

Do you have a passion to help people?
Can you see creative human potential where ever you go?
Do you want people to be empowered?

Then you are the right person to be trained as a Whole Brain Practitioner!

Who train as practitioners?
Career practitioners, educators, counselors, sport and life coaches, consultants, marketers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, community-based service providers, career information specialists, employment counselors, human resource professionals, business and community leaders, social enterprise and non-profit directors, managers, resource developers, personal trainers, policy makers and industry leaders.

Why should you consider the NBI™ training?

Understanding thinking style preference gives practitioners (and their clients) a unique insight and new perspective of themselves and the people they interact with everyday.

Remember, the NBI assessment tool set is a revolutionary battery of instruments that assess individual brain preference profiles in eight dimensions.  It also strives to develop creative whole brain thinking in individuals.

The Whole Brain Practitioner Training course offers an in-depth look into the different quadrants of the brain and teaches the techniques and skills necessary to consult clients and analyze a person’s thinking preferences.

The moment practitioners understand the way in which people think and why they do it, (the brain quadrants) they can apply it to the following areas of their lives:

How we:

  • Communicate with the whole brain
  • Act towards people
  • Do whole brain business
  • Learn with your preferred quadrant
  • Teach with the whole brain, so as not to miss anyone
  • Solve problems, taking whole brain factors into consideration
  • Make whole brain decisions
  • Preferred creativity, life and leadership style
  • How comfortable they would be in certain careers
  • Play and coach sport with the whole brain in mind
What is:
  • Our preferred eating style
  • Creativity style
  • Leadership style

As a qualified Whole Brain Practitioner you will be certified to use and sell NBI™ profiles to individuals, businesses and organisations. Once accredited, you will receive your own site on the Internet to administer your clients e.g. where you can assign your own clients, access their completed profiles, create group profiles, view related jobs and do their skills and negativity profiles. Once they have completed their profiles, you can access and download their reports and either e-mail/fax them or create paper reports.

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Get Certified

To use the NBI™ as a facilitator, coach, trainer or consultant, you must first complete the NBI™ practitioner licensing program.