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NBI™ Relationship Style Instrument

Your Relationship Profile will give you an insight into your relationship style and issues that are important to you (but maybe not to your partner!) and even where there could be room for improvement!

Developing better relationships, making more dynamic contributions within the relationship and making sound and relevant decisions are but a few of the advantages of understanding your own thinking profile.

Because the focus is on thinking preferences the end result is not good or bad, right or wrong. The NBI™ Relationship Profile is a descriptive and objective analysis of the individual's thinking choices, with no profile being better or worse than another. Instead, the report gives a description of an individual's thought preferences, and makes recommendations based on those. 

Case Study - Married to Henry
Henry is a chemical engineer who has been married to Mathilde for sixteen years. The couple has three children. Henry loves his job, earns a good salary and is generally very satisfied with life. When he comes home from work he sometimes talks to his wife about the work. He also talks to the children at the dinner table. The conversations will be about world politics, chemical plants, the environment, conservation, or new inventions that are on the market.
Mathilde is frustrated in the marriage, but she feels guilty about her feelings of anger and frustration. Henry cannot understand why she is so ungrateful. He as never been unfaithful, they go on holiday every year, and he buys her a new car every three years. He is a good provider.
Question: How do you see the dynamics of this relationship? What will you suggest for them to solve Mathilde's frustrations?

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