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Corporate Solutions

NBI™ whole brain profiling is used by The Whole Brain Company in all its training, counseling, consulting and coaching programs. Understanding your own thinking preferences and those of your customers, colleagues, employees and team members is a powerful tool in building stronger relationships and a more successful business.

To manage your life and business in the 21st century requires some new tools. The NBI™ Adult Instrument helps you understand your unique thinking preferences. Understanding the thinking preferences of your team members (by each one completing the NBI™ online) will help you shape powerful whole brain creative teams ready face the challenges in the ever changing business world.

The Organizational Wellness Instrument® is an easy to use, easy to administer, quick to complete tool that identifies the critical success factors which have a significant impact on the workplace environment and that supports as well as sustains happiness, creativity and productivity. Discover more about The Organizational Wellness Instrument®.

The NBI™ Leadership Style Instrument gives insight to your preferred leadership style and how improvements can be made. The NBI™ Personal Skills Instrument will help determine if a person is working is an area where passion and energy may be difficult to maintain.

The NBI™ Job Skills Instrument helps managers, HR staff and employers design a profile for a specific job.

The Whole Brain Company offers workshops focused on life and career application strategies for the 21st century.

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